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The CW Predictions: Reign and The 100 renewed

By on February 21, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on The CW:

The 100

The 100

With its 18-episode third season, Reign is only four episodes away from having three full seasons. And three full seasons means an automatic renewal for a fourth due to prospects of big syndication money. We are going to assume that those four episodes will not make the difference between a renewal and a cancellation. Thus, Reign is now a Certain Renewal.

The 100 is also in its third season, but that brings it only to a total of 45 episodes, instead of the 66 necessary for an automatic renewal for syndication. However, the show is getting acceptable ratings (for a CBS produced show; iZombie will be cancelled with the same ratings). Therefore, it is likely to be renewed.

ShowStatus / Prediction
SupernaturalCertain Renewal
The Vampire DiariesCertain Renewal
ArrowCertain Renewal
Jane The VirginCertain Renewal
The OriginalsCertain Renewal
ReignCertain Renewal
The FlashCertain Renewal
The 100Likely Renewal
DC’s Legends Of TomorrowToss Up
iZombieLikely Cancellation
Crazy Ex-girlfriendLikely Cancellation
Beauty And The BeastFinal Season

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  • Brandy Danforth

    I. Think you designate which shows are co productions ,which studio distributes which shows
    WB produced and distributesSPN,LoT,Arrow,Flah,Izombie
    Cbs distributes Reign,Jane,CEGBatB
    Cbs sole produced ,distributed BatB
    The 100,VD,TO are joint produced by wB,CBs but distributed by WB

    • Daniel Redford

      Yes, we’re definitely taking that into account!