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American Crime

American Crime

American Crime has an uncertain fate.

Original run: 2015 - present



TV Watch U.S. prediction: Certain Cancellation

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Synopsis (also check out the trailer below):
American Crime is a gritty anthology series. The first season is a racially charged drama that portrays the aftermath of a violent home invasion which leaves a war veteran killed and his wife raped and beaten unconscious. The tragedy stirs up racial tensions in the city of Modesto, but also shocks the husband’s divorced parents Chuck (Timothy Hutton) and Barb (Felicity Huffman). The second season is set in the Midwest at two high schools, one public and one private, and will address issues of sexual orientation and socioeconomic disparity. It all starts when lurid photos of a high school boy are posted online, and he accuses two players on the elite private high school basketball team of drugging and assaulting him before taking the pictures.