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TBS gives straight-to-series orders to new comedies The Guest Book and animated Tarantula

By on August 6, 2016


TBS has given straight-t0-series orders to two new comedies: The Guest Book, an anthology series hailing from Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia, and Tarantula, an animated series revolving around a mischievous tattoo artist (yes, really).

The Guest Book is based on creepy stories that creator Greg Garcia has been writing in guest books of rental cabins in trying to freak out the next renters. It is set at a small-town rental cabin and will feature a new set of renters each episode, while the surroundings will stay the same. The Guest Book has received a 10-episode straight-to-series order.

Tarantula is TBS’ first animated pick-up since the network’s rebranding effort. It is created and written by Carson Mell (Silicon Valley) and revolves around the residents of the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel (aka ‘The Tarantula‘). The main character is Echo Johnson, an uncertified tattoo artist who delivers absurd introspective monologues. He spins tales about his misadventures with the other residents, including party crashing, dumpster diving, and other acts of mischief.