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CBS Predictions: Code Black going towards a full season, NCIS: Los Angeles heading towards doom?

By on October 25, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

Code Black - Pilot

This Friday CBS had handed a full season order to drama series Limitless while it ordered six more scripts of other new series Code Black. This seems to be a good sign for Code Black, even though hasn’t been doing really well in the ratings. A script order always means the network has interest in making more episodes, if they like the direction the scripts are going. For now, we predict Code Black will get a full season.

In the meantime, NCIS: Los Angeles is still getting steady ratings. However, its ratings are similar to the ratings of Friday shows. Shows airing on those days are given a little more slack in the ratings, so the fact that NCIS: Los Angeles is nearing these ratings isn’t a good sign. Although this will certainly not result in an immediate cancellation, it’s something to keep an eye on, especially when the 2015-16 season will be nearing its end. For now the show will remain a Toss Up, and chances are, if there are no big fluctuations, the show will remain this way for a while.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The Big Bang TheoryRenewed
LimitlessPicked up for full season
NCISCertain Renewal
Criminal MindsLikely Renewal
ScorpionLikely Renewal
NCIS: New OrleansLikely Renewal
Code BlackFull-Season Pick-Up Predicted
Life In PiecesFull-Season Pick-Up Predicted
Blue BloodsToss Up
NCIS: Los AngelesToss Up
Hawaii Five-0Toss Up
The Good WifeToss Up
Madam SecretaryToss Up
CSI: CyberLikely Cancellation

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