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CBS Predictions: Supergirl has a super debut; Life In Pieces picked up

By on November 1, 2015

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:



Supergirl tied NBC’s Blindspot as highest-rating series premiere of this fall, and greatly outdid anything on CBS except for The Big Bang Theory. While we do expect some ratings erosion in the coming few weeks for Supergirl, the show is clearly a hit for CBS and the execs will surely want to award the show a full season sooner rather than later.

Speaking of full seasons, freshman comedy Life In Pieces got itself a nine back order this week. Surely, its ratings are quite good, but that is to be expected with the The Big Bang Theory as a lead-in. However, given that it loses nearly 50% of Theory’s audience, it is very much the question whether the show is able to stand on its own. It won’t have to anytime soon, though, because both shows will relocate to Thursdays when Thursday Night Football is done.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The Big Bang TheoryRenewed
Life In PiecesPicked up for full season
LimitlessPicked up for full season
NCISCertain Renewal
Criminal MindsLikely Renewal
NCIS: New OrleansLikely Renewal
ScorpionLikely Renewal
SupergirlFull-Season Pick-Up Predicted
Code BlackFull-Season Pick-Up Predicted
NCIS: Los AngelesToss Up
The Good WifeToss Up
Hawaii Five-0Toss Up
Blue BloodsToss Up
Madam SecretaryToss Up
CSI: CyberLikely Cancellation

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