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CBS Predictions: Supergirl and NCIS: Los Angeles renewed

By on March 6, 2016

Other recent Renewals and Cancellations on CBS:

Supergirl - Falling

The end of the season is quickly nearing and it becomes clearer each week which shows will make the cut and which won’t. NCIS: Los Angeles is one of the lucky shows which will get an upgrade this week. The show is certain to be renewed due to its good ratings. The same goes for Supergirl. Arguably a bit more expensive to produce due to some special effects, but it is getting good ratings and will not have to worry.

In the meantime, Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0 are getting quite decent ratings, for Friday shows. Sunday show Madam Secretary is doing a little worse. It’s hard to make a definitive conclusion for these shows since they are quite close together and CBS has already cancelled a decent amount of shows, so all three shows might make it to another season.

ShowStatus / Prediction
The Big Bang TheoryRenewed
Criminal MindsCertain Renewal
NCIS: Los AngelesCertain Renewal
ElementaryCertain Renewal
NCIS: New OrleansCertain Renewal
ScorpionCertain Renewal
Life In PiecesCertain Renewal
SupergirlCertain Renewal
Hawaii Five-0Likely Renewal
Blue BloodsLikely Renewal
2 Broke GirlsLikely Renewal
MomLikely Renewal
Madam SecretaryLikely Renewal
LimitlessToss Up
CSI: CyberCertain Cancellation
Code BlackCertain Cancellation
The Good WifeCancelled
Mike & MollyCancelled
Angel From HellCancelled

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